Bhogi Pallu (Bhogi Pandlu, Bhoda Pandlu), showered on the heads of children

“Bhogi Pandlu” is a special ritual to be performed on the day of Bhogi. On Bhogi, the children are dressed up with new dresses. They are given Aarti and Bhogi Pandlu (Bhogi Pallu – a special mixture of gooseberries, food material, sugarcane and rice) are showered on the heads of children to protect them from the evil forces.

The main reason of offering Bhogi Pallu to children is to get them better health and prosperity. It is a type of solution for Nara Drishti and Graha Peeda Nivarana.

In Hindu tradition agriculture has always dominated our practices in religion and Sankranti being the festival of harvest, the sugarcane and rice from the first harvest is showered on the children in the family as to bless them with abundance in their lives. Also children are protected from all the evil forces along with the blessings of the elders on this occasion.

In some communities, Bhogi Pallu ceremony is performed on Bhogi but in some it is on Sankranthi day.

Bhogi Pandlu Muhurtham 2023, 14 January

Bhogi Pallu, the showers of blessings on children

Bhogi Pallu, the showers of blessings on children. Image Credits: Naveen Ramaka & Family – Karimnagar & Singapore

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  1. Alekya Praveen Myakala says:

    we used to enjoy lot in childhood on makar sankranti, especially boghi pallu and kanuma

  2. Name (required) says:

    Thanks for sharing such great information, easy to share with kids especially.

  3. Chakravarthi says:

    Good knowledge sharing. We are forgetting the Hindu values & culture. By such information we can keep them alive. Lot of work went into this Thanks a lot.

  4. Lalima says:

    how to do bhogi pandlu function in indian tredition

    • suneetha says:

      You have to After headbathing below 5yrs children give them new dresses to wear. And after that in one plate add berries, bengal gram(soaked in whole night in the water),flowers,coins,rice with pinch of turmeric bless baby by showering the mixed one to protect from evil force.and at last give aarthi to baby.

  5. Hanuman Bandreddi says:

    Thanks alot to enhance my children to know about the festival in the part of their lesson.

  6. J.P. Bharathi says:

    Nice information. Its very important to share the importance of traditions and customs. Thank you.

  7. Harish Daita says:

    Is it mandatory for the mother to perform this ritual instead of any one else on the kids?

  8. Ramesh says:

    Very useful information.
    Can we do it if we have soodhakam/antu??

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      If anyone has Soothakam during Sankranti, you can perform it on Ratha Saptami. But you need to verify it from elders.