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Bhaktimala TV: World’s First 24-Hours Bhakti (Devotional) Web Channel

Bhaktimala.TV is the world’s first 24-hours Bhakti (Devotional) web channel. Bhaktimala TV is managed by Sri Srinivasa Gargeya Siddhanti of Omkara Mahashakti Peetham, Hyderabad. It is a Telugu Jyotish, Veda, Spiritual, Religious, and social program telecasting web channel.

Sri Ponnaluri Srinivasa Gargeya Siddhanti is better known for his exclusive study and research on ‘Kalasha Pujas’. Previously he was the presenter of Kaalachakram and Grahabhumi programs in Bhakti TV (Telugu devotional Television channel).

Almost all programs in Bhaktimala TV will be telecasted in Telugu language.

Bhaktimala TV

Bhaktimala TV

You can browse the BhaktimalaTV here — http://bhakthimala.tv/live/#

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  1. jagadishwarreddy d says:

    we are not getting u r live programme. on which website we may get the live programme or past we are very sad , on website it taking lot of time to play the past programs also.

  2. kameswari says:

    maaku bhakthimala karyakramalu pratyakham ga ela pondalo teleya cheyandi.

  3. sailaja says:

    please provide any application related to channel where we can watch wit comfort

  4. vijaya durga says:

    dear bhaktimala,
    the streaming is not good and we want the programme schedule

  5. Sarvani says:

    bhakti tv srinivasa gargeya latest books in telugu

  6. krishna says:

    we want rasiphalalu by sreenivasa gargeya garu of 31-03-2013

  7. Sudama says:

    ugadi new year panchangam by gargeya srinivas siddhanti

  8. Amol says:

    tv is managed by sri srinivasa gargeya siddhanti

  9. Induj says:

    bakthi tv programs on ugadi 2013 april 11

  10. Talank says:

    rasi phalalu by srinivasa gargeya on this ugadi

  11. Lola says:

    yupp tv ugadi telugu panchangam 2013 rasi phalalu

  12. Poorv says:

    programme in bhakthi tv on youtube ugadi day 11th april 2013

  13. ktulasi says:

    siddantigaaru, bhaktimala tvlo meeru cheptunnatuvanti jyotisha kaaaryakramammalu malli modalu pettalanikorutunnaamu.

  14. Shankh says:

    www bhaktimala tv vrischika raasi phalalu 2013 by gargeya

  15. Rana says:

    bhakthi tv programs on chandra grahanam april 25th 2013

  16. Bandhul says:

    bhakthi tv april 25 at 1pm surya grahanam

  17. Vedavrata says:

    Grahabalam 23-4-2013 vrischika Rasi Phalalu (2013-2014) – YouTube

  18. Kaushalya says:

    sri sankashta chaturthi vrata pooja vidhanam – bhakthi tv channel free download

  19. Vaasuki says:

    28th april 2013 tidhi nakstram from gargeya panchangam

  20. Lajwanti says:

    2013-14 telugu panchangham raasi phalalu in srinivas gargeya

  21. Ushi says:

    bhakti tv(telugu) on 23 april 2013 by mulugu

  22. Vibusha says:

    bhaktimala by gargeya of rashi 10 in youtube

  23. Prema says:

    www bhakthi tv org grahabhalam 2013 2014 raasi palalu

  24. m ammi Reddy says:

    Sir, we are not getting u r live programme, on which website we may get the live programme or past we are very sad, please tell me how to watch bhakthimala tv live.

  25. Ramra says:

    how to watch old programs of bhaktimala tv

  26. Aashiyana says:

    srinivasa gargeya bhakti mala tv july 17 video

  27. Kalanath says:

    ee grahabalam 25th july 2013 bhakti maala t v

  28. Sandhya says:

    bhakthimala by mulugu jyothishyam july month in telugu

  29. Subeer says:

    www grahabhoomi blog spot 27 july 2013 srinivsa gargeya sidanti

  30. Sarvapalaka says:

    bhakthimala tv on dt 4th aug 13 rashi phalalu

  31. Aradhana says:

    bhaktimala tv mee grahabalam predictions by srinivasa gargeya

  32. Kaveri says:

    bhakti tv manthra balam augest 11-2013 free download

  33. tej says:

    the contact number given for appointment of Garageya garu is not working. can i get an alternate number………?

  34. SAILEELA says:

    phone number given for contact of siddhanthi garu is not working for days together