Bhagvad Gita in a Nutshell

Bhagvad Gita image 1 no-watermark

Bhagvad Gita image 1 no-watermark

Bhagvad Gita in a Nutshell..Reading the Bhagvad Gita in its full form requires lot of time and patience. Hence here I have given some of the important teachings of Bhagvad Gita, and for the benefit of the readers, I have presented this article in a simple and in an easily understandable manner, in order to know about the essence of the Gita in an interesting manner.


Don’t grieve for those who are not fit for that, instead of that always speak words of wisdom. The wise man would never worry neither for the living nor for the dead.

Human’s soul acquires several stages during its life time, like childhood, young age, adult and old, likewise the soul acquires a new body after death, similar to wearing of new clothes by removing our old clothes. Treat both happiness and unhappiness as alike.Always do your duty willfully. By doing your duty properly you can easily attain my grace.

Do your duty perfectly and don’t expect the outcome of it,since I would be the deciding factor for your work.

A person with good motive would be able to achieve the best results from his work. Hence always perform your work interestingly like doing a Seva for me.

By properly controlling your mind,you can get the entire peace and happiness in your life.

Nature only does all activities. But due to ignorance, people think that they are the real doer.

Self-realisation is a mustin order to realise me, and one must remove the worst habit lust.

During the time of destruction of Dharma, then I would appear in this world, in order to protect the good ones, and to punish the bad ones.

Though I have created the world and the living beings in the earth, yet, I would not be responsible for their actions, just I will only act as a mere spectator since I must also have to abide to the rules created by me.

The one who sees no fault with anybody shall be considered as a saintly person and he is the one who knows everything.

Humans must realize that everything present in the world is the manifestation of the god.

True knowledge can be achieved only by learning lot of good things in life.

A sage who contains great yogic powers immediately attains salvation.

One who dedicates his entire actions to the God would be free from sins, and he shall be considered as a holy person.

Those who consider their life as the gift offered by the god, even during the time of their sufferings, shall be treated as my best devotees.

Humans would be able to reach me, only after taking innumerable births.

Those who remember me at least at the end of their life would make them to attain my abode.I am easily approachable to those devotees who always keep me on his soul, and whose mind does not deviate on any other worldly matters.

I would surely take care of the life of my staunch devotees who always remember me and utters my name with full of concentration, dedication and devotion.

Those who offer me a small leaf, or flower with devotion,would be accepted by me immediately.

Concentrate your mind in always thinking of me, me and me only.

I am the base of all. Everything forms only from me, and without my help no one could survive in this world.

The one who dedicates his life for me, who is a true devotee, who is free from worldly bondages, who aims in attaining me, shall be considered as my true Bhagavatha, and hence forth, he would be relieved from his chain of birth cycles, and he would permanently attain my abode.

Focus your mind on me by doing meditation and worship. By doing this, you shall surely attain me.

The one who offers his selfless service to me with pure love and devotion would surely attain liberation.

I dwell on the souls of all the living beings. Those who shed their ignorance and ego would be able to realise me fully.

Lust, anger, and greed must be removed from the mind, in order to taste the sweetness of divinity.

Speech must be truthful, pleasant, attractive and honourable, and it can be developed by studying our ancient Vedas.

Only by devotion, one can truly understand me.Devotion must be self-practised, since it cannot be purchased in the market.

I am the Supreme Lord,I am controlling all the living beings in the universe through my supreme powers,hence, lead your life sincerely, carefully and faithfully, in order to attain my grace.

Apart from practicing religious rituals, you have to surrender my feet faithfully. Then I shall remove all of your sins and from worldly illusions.

If you put your leg to move a single step ahead, then I will make you to move 100 steps ahead.


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