Bhadarvi Purnima Puja – Bhadarvo Poonam Rituals

Bhadarvi Poonam or Bhadra Purnima is a main festival celebrated in Gujarat on Purnima day in Bhadrapadi maas. On the day of Bhadra Purnima or Bhadrapadi Poornima, a large number of farmers attend the fair held at Ambaji shrine.

In 2022, Bhadarvi Purnima date is September 10.

Devotees worship the Goddess with various stotras and mantras. They perform various cultural forms in the praise of Amba Bhavani to please her.

The main cultural art forms include – Bhavai, a folk drama of Gujarat and the Garba dance, special and occasional dance form of Gujarat.

Devi Saptshati, a prayer of seven hundred verses in the praise of Amba Bhavani is also recited in Ambaji Temple. A huge fair is also celebrated near the temple.

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