Best Shani Mantra to Please Lord Shani

On the day of Shani Jayanti, the Shani Mantra to please Lord Shani is given below:

Om shreem shanidevaya namo namaha!

Om shreem shanidevaya shanty Bhavaha!

Om shreem shanidevaya Subham Phalaha!

Om shreem shanidevayapralaha prapti phalaha!

This particular powerful mantra needs to be recited with dedication and devotion and with proper rituals. It is highly advised to get it done through an acharya ot pandit. Those who are facing difficulties in life in the personal and professional front can recite this particular Mantra.

It is to be noted that this particular mantra should be recited by:

  • Those who are having strain relationship with family members, relatives and friends.
  • Those who are facing marital disharmony and strained mutual relationship between husband and wife from a short term or long run
  • Those who are suffering from critical diseases and illness for a long time
  • Those who are facing financial loss and instability in professional life or business front
  • Those who are facing legal issues or dispute and undergoing mental strain and stress
  • Those who are facing troubles from enemies in different manner
  • Those who are facing loss in any new ventures and completely losing hope to live
  • Those who are facing marriage delay and not getting suitable alliance
  • Those who are not having children even after years of married life
  • Those who are unemployed and facing no career growth in professional life

It is to be remembered that Shani Mantra recited on Shani Jayanthi will please the Lord Shani and favourable results can be attained by doing so.

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