Ban on Sale, immersion of PoP Ganesh idols in Vijayapura (Bijapur)

Ban on Sale, immersion of PoP Ganesh idols in Vijayapura (Bijapur), Karnataka for Ganesh Chaturthi 2017.

Putting an end to rumours that the city corporation has permitted the installation of plaster of Paris (PoP) Ganesh idols this year, the Commissioner has made categorically clear that selling and immersion of PoP-made Ganesh idols has been banned in the city.

Addressing presspersons here on Monday, he said that the traders have been asked to sell only clay idols and people have been urged to buy only such idols. As per the order of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, PoP-made and chemically-coloured idols have been banned from being immersed in water bodies. “Thus, no such idol will be allowed for immersion in the recently revived 22 ancient Bawadis of the city. We will also be installing signboards near all 22 Bawadis providing this information,” he said. However, excusing some Ganesh mandalis that have large installations large, Mr. Shetty said that they could install PoP idols, but not immerse the same. “The mandalis can use the same idol the next year, or offer it to the corporation which will dispose it in an appropriate manner,” the Commissioner said.

Claiming that city has around 270 Ganesh mandalis who install big idols, apart from over 50,000 individuals who install idols during Ganesh festivals, Mr. Shetty said that the corporation has planned to construct 18 immersion tanks in various parts of the city and 21 mobile immersion vans for immersing the idols. He said that these mobile vans would begin operation between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. from a day before the Ganesh festival and continue to do so for 13 days. The people could call on the helpline number 08352-222474 if the immersion vehicle was not coming to their locality.

Indemnity bond

Speaking about a new norm introduced by the government this year, Mr. Shetty said that the Mandali representative should submit an indemnity bond of Rs. 100 stating that he would adhere to all the directions issued by the government with regard to immersion of idols, pendals and acting in a way that does not disturb communal harmony. He said that in order to avoid causing inconvenience to people owing to setting up pandals on main roads, permission for pandals would be given only after inspecting the site. All permission would be given at Gandhi Chowk police station where a counter would be set up.

Courtesy – The Hindu.

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