Sadguru Swami Balmukunddasji

Sadguru Swami Balmukunddasji was the disciple of Sri Gunatitanand Swami, and a follower of Sri Swami Narayan,and he was a great saint. He was born in a village in Saurashtrain the year 1887. His birth name was Gordhanbhai. From his young age itself, he was deeply impressed with the God and at his free time, he used to spend his time in the temples nearby his home.

He has attained sainthood during the year 1909, and learned all the necessary subjects, and become a follower of the Swami Narayan Sampraday.

He met the great saint Sri Aacharya Maharaj of Vadtal and conversed with him about divine subjects. He discharged his duties properly and served sincerely as a faithful devotee of Lord Swaminarayan.

He considered Lord Swaminarayan as the divine incarnation of Lord Krishna. He also got the divine appearance of Swaminarayan, and he was blessed by him. He removed the fear in the minds of the devotees, and spread the importance of the “SWAMI NARAYAN BHAKTI SPIRIT” among the devotees.

He kindly treated his devotees and removed their ailments, and provided wholesome food to them after the performance of puja to Lord Swami Narayan. He also insists the devotees to chant the name of Lord Swaminarayan in order attain the eternal bliss of the god.He merged with Lord Swaminarayan during the year 1972 at Junagadh.


1. Consider that all the creations of the god are holy, and don’t hurt anybody, either by physically or verbally.

2. Life is short, don’t think too much about yourself, since, you are not going to live permanently in this world.

3. Believe that god has given you this birth as an opportunity to serve the society, and always do good things in your life.

4. Don’t talk unnecessarily with others.

5. Don’t be a miser. Utilize your money for good purpose.

6. Obey the divine master, and offer your prayers regularly.

7. Don’t be foolish and selfish. Develop your knowledge by reading good books, and be a selfless human being.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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