Bahubali Deva, a great Jain Saint

Bahubali was the son of Rishabdev, and similar to his father Sri Rishabadeva, he renounced his share of kingdom, and become a famous Jain Monk by following the principles of his father, and he was considered to be a very ancient Jain Monk. Bahubali was believed to have been born in the Ikshvaku dynasty in Ayodhya before few millions of years ago, and he was specialised in all kinds of arts, and his brother’s name was Bharata, who is believed to be the founder of Bharatam, the present day India.

Bahubali has performed severe meditation for more than a year in a standing manner, even without sitting for a single moment, and due to that,ant burrows were also formed on his body. He was praised by Lord Devendra himself, and he offered a beautiful flower garland to him as a token of love and respect, but the great Bahubali didn’t accepted it, by considering it as a luxurious item for him.

After the completion of rigorous meditation for one year term, Bahubali has attained spiritual enlightenment, and from then onwards, he was regarded as a “SUPREME JAIN MONK”. Bahubali is also called as Kammateswara and Gommateshwara, and a big statue for Bahubali was installed near Mysore, Karnataka as an honour to him. In an ancient Jain Purana, the details about Lord Rishabhadeva, and about his sons Bharata and Bahubali were mentioned, and It was composed by Jinasena, a famous Jain Monk, before several years ago.


1. Show kindness on all the living beings in the earth, and don’t neglect the poor and the depressed ones.

2. Always speak truth only, since god only loves the honest people.

3. Don’t enjoy sensual pleasures, since it would last only for a short period of time, instead of that, try to enjoy more and more spiritual pleasures, by continuously doing meditation on the almighty.

4. Don’t get attached with anyone, even your father and mother, wife and children, since at any time, they may die, since for humans death may come at any time, whether in their 6th age or in their 100th age, since there is no permanency in human’s life term.

5. Lead a highly disciplined and a simple life.

6. Always be in the company of wise people, since they alone would guide you properly in your life.

7. Always share your sweet words with others, and make others happy, in order to create happiness within you.

8. If you are bold enough to face any type of problems, then even a big elephant would appear like a small ant before your eyes.

9. Don’t cheat others, since dishonesty and fraudulence would push you straightaway to the path of hell.

10. Don’t argue with others, always act smartly, gently and boldly, consider yourself as the one man army, and don’t get afraid of anything in your life.

11. Always be active and don’t allow the bad habits like fear, anger, lust and greed to enter in your mind.


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