Asha Dashami, Asha Dasami Vrat dedicated to Parvati Devi

Asha Dashami is the festival observed on Shukla Dashami in Shravan Month. In 2022, Asha Dashami date is August 7. Asha Dashami is dedicated to Asha Devi, a manifestation of Parvati Devi.

On Asha Dashami day, Goddess Parvati Devi is installed in the form of Asha Devi and worshipped. Some people observe fasting during the day. ‘Asha means desire. The Goddess who fulfills her devotees desires is referred as Asha Devi.

Worshipping Asha Devi on Asha Dasami gives the devotee wealth and health to fulfill all his/her desires. Asha Devi also makes the devotee free from desires and provides salvation.

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