Archanaas at Chidambaram Temple

Here is the list of Archanaas held at Chidambaram Temple. Chidambaram Thillai Nataraja Temple is one of the famous Shiva Temples.

Chidambaram Temple is a popular temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in the heart of the temple town of Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. The temple, 78 km south of Pondicherry and 235 Km from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state of southeastern India. The Sangam classics refer to Viduvelvidugu Perumtaccan, respected clan of traditional Vishwakarmas, as being the chief architect of the temple renovation. There have been several renovations in its history, particularly during the days of Pallava/Chola emperors in ancient and pre-medieval periods.

Chidambaram is one of the five holiest Shiva temples, each representing one of the five natural elements; Chidambaram represents akasha (aether). The other four temples in this category are: Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeswara, Trichy (water), Kanchi Ekambareswara (earth) Kanchipuram, Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleswara (fire), Thiruvanna malai and Kalahasti Nathar (wind), Kalahasti.

Archanaas at Chidambaram Temple

  • Ashtoththara sathanaama
  • Sahasranaaama
  • Sammelana sahasranaama
  • Panchakshara Thrisathi
  • Pancha mukha sahasranaama
  • Ekasamaya Lakshaarchanaa

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