Anga Pradakshinam in Tirumala Tirupati Venkateshwara Temple

Anga Pradakshinam (complete circumambulation) is considered highly meritorious ritual performed in Tirumala Tirupati Venkateshwara swamy temple. Till today the number of devotees allowed inside the famous Tirupati temple for Angapradakshinam is 750. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam management on July 25, 2010, decided to cut the number to 500.

The Hindu published:

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam management on Saturday slapped restrictions on the number of devotees being allowed to perform ‘Anga Pradakshinam’ inside the famous hill temple of Lord Venkateswara.

The number of devotees being allowed to perform the Anga Pradakshinam has been brought down to 500 from the existing number of 750 devotees every day.

The decision comes in the wake of complaints from the devotees that the temple staff were not allowing them to perform full pradakshinam around the sanctum sanctorum of the hill shrine.

The temple staff argued that they were rather forced to act under pressure to facilitate the smooth conduct of other pre-dawn rituals like Thomala and Archana which followed the AngaPradakshinam.

Finally, the temple management which brooded over the ‘delicate’ issue, and decided to reduce the number.

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  1. Payoja says:

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  5. Mrigaj says:

    angapradakshinam in tirumala temple is it available daily

  6. ANIL KANODIA says:

    bath in pushkarni then touch near gajendramoksh site front gate then go to vaikuntham q complex (VQC), there is compulsory ticket 1 day advance through bank. men wear dhoti only.women wear all. @2 am reach VQC .LIMITED PERSONS ALLOWED.500 OR SO.

  7. Ramaprasad says:

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