Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha, Story | Ananta Chaturdashi Vratha Katha

Anant Chaturdashi vrat katha, story of Ananta Chaturdashi vratha is mentioned in several Puranas as a conversation between Lord Krishna and Yudhistira. Krishna suggested Yudhistira to observe this vratha to get all his wealth and kingdom back. Vrat katha goes like this…

There was a Brahmin called Sumant. His wife, Diksha, died after giving birth to a baby girl. The baby girl was named Sushila. Sumant married another woman named Karkash. Sushila was tortured a lot by Karkash in her childhood. When she grew young she married Kaundinya and got rid of her step mother’s cruel behavior.

When Sushila was bathing in the river with other women, she saw them offering prayers to Lord Ananta. She also joined with the women and prayer to the Lord. They became very rich in quick time. After few months, her husband observed Anant string in her hand and removed it and burnt saying they were rich because of their hard work and not because of this Ananta thread.

After this unfortunate incident, they lost huge wealth in quick time and became poor. Kaundinya realized the significance of Anant thread and observed severe penance for 14 years and retained all his wealth by the God’s grace.

Ananta Chaturdashi or Ananta Vratam 2022 date is September 9.

Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Vidhi – Detailed Pooja Procedure

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    Our whole family is doing this vrat from a long time, today we are away from our paternal house but thanks to the site from where i got the katha for the anant chaturthi vrat.

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    I am doing this vart for forteen years and I am happy.

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    sir, i am happy that i am performing the anantha padmanabha vrathan i would llike to know the what is the procedure followed for udyapanam kindly inform me and i would like to know that the udyapanam has to be performed at the end or in between could you please let me know

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    my wife is doing this vrat, I was also doing this vrat long time ago.

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    I have been doing this vrat for more fourteen years ago.I feel very happy doing this vrat.I wait this vrat with excitement every whole family also do htis vrat with devotion.

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    our parents are doing this vratam since years..
    me & my brother will also continue this format…..
    thanks to the website devolepers & administrators..

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    what is anant chaturdashi vrat katha in hindi

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    why we keep fasting for anant vrat puja

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    time to start the fast for anant vrat puja

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    Hi, I could not get the procedure for Ananth Vrata Udyapana. I have season chef in almost all web sites. Can any body help?

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    I would like to know about the ananada vratham pooja the mateials required n the procedure of conducting the pooja

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