Amla Navami (Kartik Shukla Navami)

Amla Navami is observed on the ninth day of the bright fortnight during the month of Kartik. In 2022, Amla Navami date is November 2. This festival is mainly observed in Odisha and some other Western and Northern Indian regions.

Amla fruit is used as one of the major ingredients in many Ayurvedic medicines. As per the Hindu beliefs, Amla tree is considered as lord Vishnu and Tulsi as Goddess Lakshmi. This is the main reason why Tulsi and Amla trees get married during Tulsi Damodar Vivah performed on Ksheerabdi Dwadashi day.

During Amla Navami festival, devotees offer Abhishek to Lord Vishnu with amla fruits and they cook food under an amla tree and offer naivedya to the Lord. Vishnu Sahasranama parayana and chanting the Kartik Purana are the main rituals during Amla Navami.

Amla Navami is observed as Akshaya Navami or Kushmanda Navami in other places of India.

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  1. Amrita says:

    what is the importance of Amla navami puja or Amla tree in hinduism

  2. Mahesh says:

    what is the importance of amla tree in hinduism

  3. Vanij says:

    why amla tree is begn worship on tripurary pournima