Amavasya Upavas, Fasting on No Moon

Why is Amavasya Upavaas, Fasting on Amavasya (No Moon) performed? What is the importance of Amavasya Upvaas Vrat?

According to the Hindu religious calendar, the Amavasya, the new moon night perfectly falls at the starting of new lunar month that is lasting for about 30 days. It is to be noted that this particular calendar largely follows the lunar month. Most of the Hindu religious followers observe a strict fast on that particular day and wholeheartedly offer food to their respective ancestors.

It is to be remembered that according to Preta Khanda or Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu is strongly has believed to have said that the ancestors directly come to their respective descendents on each and every Amavasya to be with the family members and relatives and share their food. In case nothing is offered as food to them then they return disheartened. Therefore all the Hindus wholeheartedly prepare food known as Shraddha and eagerly await their respective ancestors.

According to Garuda Purana (Preta Khanda), Lord Vishnu is believed to have said that the ancestors come to their descendents on Amavasya to partake of their food and if nothing is offered to them they are displeased. So, Hindus prepare ‘shraddha’ (food) and await their ancestors.

The main reason for fasting done people has another tale to tell that is the moon exerts great direct influence on the human anatomy too. This can also be observed by the tides happening on the full moon day and new moon day. It is strongly believed that an individual may tend to be ill-tempered, irritable and becomes restless on these particular days. It is been scientifically proved too and local legends have agreed the given results.

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