Adhik Maas 2010 – Adhik Vaisakh Maas 2010 dates

Adhik Maas or Extra lunar month in Hindu Astrology occurs in every 2 and half years of period in Hindu Panchang. In 2010, Vaishakh Maas comes twice – Adhik Vaisakh and Nija Vaisakh. Adhik month is also known as Mal Maas or Purushottam Maas. Lord Purushottam (Lord Krishna) is worshipped during the month. Adhik maas 2010 (Adhik Vaishakh maas) begins on April 15 and ends on May 14th in Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and Telugu calendars followed respectively in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

There are no major festivals in Adhik Vaisakh month. Similar to Moodam or Moudyami period, Adhik maas is also omitted for auspicious programs and functions. But, Vaishakh Snan or Vaishaka snana are performed during the month and pujas are offered to Lord Vishnu. It is to note that North Indian calendars consider the Adhik Vaishakh mahina 2010 has begun on March 30 and will end on April 28th.

The regions that follow Solar Calendar will not be having any Adhik maas or Kshaya Maas. The states that follow solar calendar are – Orissa, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

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