Abhyanga Snana on Diwali | Ritual bath during Deepavali

Abhyanga Snana (ritual bath) is an important ritual to observe during Diwali festival. In some places, it is also observed during Narak Chaturdasi day. In 2020, Abhyanga Snana during Diwali date is November 14, November 15 and November 16. In many places, Abhyanga Snana is observed on Narak Chaturdashi, Diwali and Bali Pratipada.

It is a major ritual of Diwali in Maharashtra, Gujarat and some other Western and Northern regions of India. Some people also perform it for all three days – Narak Chaturdasi, Diwali and Bali Pratipada.

In Sanskrit, Abhyaga Snana means a bath and massage of the body with the paste of various herbs which are very helpful in providing good health.

Abhyaga Snana – items or material required

  • Herbal oil for massage on head and body
  • Utane – It is a powder containing various ingredients such as Kapur (camphor), Chandan (sandalwood), Haldi (Haridra – turmeric), Manjistha (a herbal blood purifier), extract of rose petals, orange peel, amla churna (powder of amla fruit) and powder of some other herbal flowers. Utane is readily available at market. It is mixed properly with coconut oil and applied on hair, head and body before abhyanga snan.
  • Most of the people use herbal soap for the ritual bath during Diwali.

Abhyanga Snan Procedure

  • Massage the skin with herbal oil from 10-15 minutes till skin absord the oil completely.
  • Apply utane on all body parts and rinse it off with water.
  • Dry off your hair and body.
  • Apply Kumkum or tilak on forehead just after abhyanga snan.

You can chant mantras before, during and after Abhyanga Snana as mentioned in earlier my post.

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