Abhaya Hastam | Ultimate Blessing Posture of Hindu Deities

Abhaya Hastam

Abhaya Hastam

Abhayahasta also called as Abhayamudra means protecting us and consoling us by the almighty through hand posture. We can find in most of the temples that the deities would appear in the form of blessing posture, which means, they are willing to protect us from all sorts of problems in our lives, and also they would be with us throughout our life.

We can also see the idol of Lord Venkateshwara in Tirumala, who appears in the Abhaya Mudra posture, with a smiling face, and his blessing posture is very famous since Vedic times. In Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, and also in other Branches of Mutts, we can see the beautiful Prahalada Idol who would appear in the form of blessing posture with a beautiful smiling face.They are appearing in this form, in order to remove the fear from our mind, and to invoke the bhakti spirit in our mind. Some rich devotees would offer gold ornaments to the deities, in order to get the permanent blessings of the deities, in their lives. The Abhayamudra form ensures that our sufferings would come to an end, and our life would be safe and secure, and we would be always protected by the almighty.

This Mudra form can be found in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain idols also. We can also find the idol of Nataraja, in the Chitambaram Nataraja Temple, who would appear with a beautiful face, in a dancing form and would also show the Abhyamudra posture to us in his right hand.
The abhayamudra posture also means destroying the evil forces and maintenance of dharma in the world. It would also kill our bad thoughts, removes the ignorance in our mind, and would force us to move in the right direction in our lives. In this present day difficult world, we should realize the kindness of the almighty, who used protect us from dangers and difficulties, and would always bless us.

Instead of doubting or getting suspicion about the almighty, we must have full faith with him, and must sincerely worship him forever in our life. God is always ready to lend his helping hand for us, but we are ignoring him, and we are thinking that we knew everything in this world. Instead of thinking like that, let us consider him as our divine master, and let us keep him in our soul, and be blessed.


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