Koti Somavaram, 11 November 2021

11 November 2021 is Koti Somavaram (Koti Somavaram Vratham). It is observed on Shravana Nakshatram which comes before Kartik Purnima (Full Moon in Karthika Masam).

In 2021, Karthika Somavaram vratham dates are: November 8, November 15, November 22 and November 29. Koti Somavaram in 2021 is – 11 November, Thursday.

If anybody does Abhishekam for Shiva and Parvathi on this day they will get eternity. Lighting ghee lamps before Shiva and Parvathi and doing Rudra Abhisheakam 11 times is very auspicious and they will become detached.

If you perform one Koti Somavara Vratham all your sins and problems of past and present will subside. One will get liberation, divine radiance, and good health by doing Abhishekam with Bilva and lotus to Lord Shiva. This is the greatest opportunity to observe silence, fasting on this day and doing Shiva puja.

“Sarvesham chaiva sahasra koti papanaam sankare samupasthitha koti

somavara vrathebhyo Koti somavra vratham pujyathe sodhanam param”

Sins from many lifetimes, all sorrows, all kinds of pains, and problems and fear will disappear if one does Somavara Vratham, attaining Shiva Loka.

When this combination falls on Saptami and Saturday, it is considered even more auspicious.

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