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10 February 2013: Amavasya

Today, 10 February 2013 is Amavasya. It is Mauni Amavasya. It falls on Poush Amavasya (Pushya Amavasya) in Amavasyant calendars and Magh Amavasya as per North Indian Hindi calendars (Purnimant calendars).

It is observed as Chollangi Amavasya in coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh.

It is Mauni Amavasya in North India. It is even more meritorious to observe Amavasya vrat on this day in 2013 as it falls during Maha Kumbh Mela of Allahabad Prayag Sangam. Shahi Snan (Maha Snan / Royal bathing) is performed at Kumbh Mela snan ghats.

Amavasya has begun at 3.23 PM on 9th February and will end at 12.54 PM on 10th February.

It falls in Thai Masam in Tamil calendar and Makaram Masam in Malayalam calendar.

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