Sankashti Chaturthi Story | Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Katha

Here you can find Sankashti Vrat katha, Sankashta Chaturthi Vratha katha. Sankashti Chaturthi or Sankatahara Chaturthi or Sankata Ganesh Chaturthi is observed on the Chavithi day during Krsihna Paksha in every Hindu month.

The legend or story or Vrat Katha of Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi is associated with King Shursen, Lord Indra and sage Brushundi.

The legend or katha goes like this:

Once God Indra’s Vimana (plane) returning to home from sage Brushundi (a great devotee of Lord Ganesha), was going above king Shursens kingdom. One person who has done many sins in his life saw that plane in the sky. With his single look the plane landed on the ground. Surprised by the brightness of the plane, king went to see the plane.

The king was very much pleased and saluted God Indra. He asked God Indra the reason for landing of the plane. God Indra told him that a sinner from your kingdom looked at the plane, due to his sins the plane landed on the ground. King Shursen asked Lord Indra how the plane could start again.

Lord Indra told him that today is Panchami, yesterday was the Chaturthi. A person, who fasted yesterday, gives his virtue to me then my plane will start. Soldiers searched the whole kingdom for the person who did fasting on Chaturthi. But unfortunately no one was there.

At the same moment some soldiers saw a recently dead woman being taken away by Ganesh-Duta (a soldier of Lord Ganesha). They asked him that how can you take such a sinner woman to Ganesh loka.

Ganesh-Duta replied that yesterday whole night she was in sleep and had not eaten anything. She woke up late night after moon-rise and ate some food. Without knowing it she did Sankashti Chaturthi upvas vratam . She died today.

The soldier also said that a person, who does Sankashti Chaturthi at least once in life-time, goes to Ganesh loka or Swananda loka after death. Soldiers requested Ganesh-Duta to give that womans body to them so that the plane could start. But he refused to give virtue of that woman to soldiers.

The wind which blew from the dead womans body diffused at the place where the plane of Lord Indra was stopped. The air was made virtuous with the air diffused from the dead body of woman. It means that the wind that touched the virtuous body of dead woman also become virtuous.

This story tells the significance of Sankashti Vinayaka Chavithi and signifies the spiritual importance of Sankata chavithi vratam fasting.

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  63. Ramila Upadhyay says:

    I read in some blog that Sakat Chauth has some other alternate vrat katha (Sakat Chauth Vrat Katha)

    “Long ago there were two sister-in-laws. Their husbands were real brothers. Although both brothers belonged to the same family, the elder brother was quite rich and the younger brother was very poor. The younger brother used to sell wood which were used for cooking.

    The wife of younger brother was ardent devotee of Lord Ganesh and used to observe fasting on each Sankashti Chaturthi. She used to work as a maid at the home of elder brother to feed her family.

    On the day of Sakat Chauth she had nothing to cook. She worked hard at the home of her sister-in-laws to get some remuneration on the auspicious day of Sakat Chauth. The elder sister refused to pay her on the day of Puja and told that she would be rewarded for her hard work only after Puja on the next day. The tired lady came home with empty hands. This made Lord Ganesh angry on the elder sister.

    In the evening when husband of younger sister came back from the work, she was not able to serve the meal. The husband was also frustrated as no one bought the fuel on the auspicious day of Sakat Chauth. The husband thrashed his wife for not cooking the food. The poor wife went to sleep with empty stomach.

    At night Lord Ganesh came to her home. When Lord Ganesh asked to open the door she thought of dreaming it and told “All doors are open to come inside as I have nothing in the home to lock”. After coming in Lord Ganesh asked for some food and she replied “I cooked Bathua (बथुआ) in the morning which is lying on the stove. You go and eat that”. After eating Bathua, Lord Ganesh asked that he wants to relieve. She replied “All five places in home, including four corners and the entrance are available for you to relieve.” After relieving Lord Ganesh asked that he wants something to wipe. The hungry and frustrated lady told “Use my forehead for that”.

    Next day when lady woke up she found that her forehead, all four corners in the home and the entrance were full of precious diamonds, jewelry and the gold. Then she realized that it was not in the dream but in the reality Lord Ganesh came to her home to bless her family. Later she went to sister-in-laws to get balance to weigh the massive wealth.

    Her sister-in-laws stick some adhesive at the bottom on the balance. When the elder sister got the balance back she was able to know about massive wealth. On repeated requests from the elder sister, the younger sister revealed the story of Ganesh coming to her home.

    After that the elder sister started working at the home of younger sister to repeat the same fortune for her family. On next year she played the whole story as it is to please lord Ganesh, including forcing her husband to thrash her on the day of Sakat Chauth. Everything went as expected except it was not massive wealth but feces and its stink all over her home. The feces were not getting removed even on repeated attempts. Pandits suggested her to share the wealth equally with the younger sister-in-laws to get rid of the curse of Lord Ganesh.

    She did the same but even after that feces and its stink was not removed. Later it came to know that one necklace was not shared with the younger sister-in-laws. The curse of Lord Ganesh was cured only after that necklace was also shared with the younger sister-in-laws.”

    People pray to Lord Ganesh to get blessed like younger sister-in-laws after listening to this legend.”

    • S S Patil says:

      That is only for magh krishna paksha chaturthi.. that one sankashti chaturthi is called sakat chauth…. in North India…..not round the year … there is one more story for the same day about a potter sacrificing children… guess u will find it if you look for “sakat chaut katha”

  64. Hareesh says:

    Thank u so much for let us knowing the Sankasti Vratha story in detail.