Workshop on the Scientific Significance of Hindu Rituals

Sri Rajarajeswari Peetham of Toronto (Canada) will conduct a workshop on the scientific significance of Hindu rituals on 2 June 2012. The venue of the workshop is Sathya Sai School in Toronto ON.

As per the official press release about the event

Have you wondered why Hindus perform rituals as homas or pujas? Or how mantras create effects? Ever thought about Jyotish, but questioned its usefulness?

In Hinduism we don’t have to take everything on faith in order to practice our religion or advance in spirituality. The sages of ancient India designed our a spiritual culture with full awareness of human psychology as well as the scientific principles that form the foundation of our universe.

In this workshop, Sri Chaitanyananda Natha Saraswathi (Haran Aiya) will discuss the scientific significance of pujas, homas, mantras, the Navagrahas (Nine Planets), and Hindu astrology. Questions are welcome and encouraged, so please join us for an inspiring and thought-provoking workshop.

This event is presented by Sri Rajarajeswari Peetham…

Date of the event: June 2, 2012

Event Time(s): 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Depending on Q&A event may run longer than 4:30pm.



Phone: 416-628-3786

Costs: Free

Cost Information:   Donations are welcome

Venue Location:

Sathya Sai School

505 Ellesmere Road

Toronto ON Canada

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  1. Shiv Sharma says:

    Hi Hindupad,
    As Sri Rajrajeswari Peetham in association with sri Chaitanyanands Natha Saraswati will be explaining the scientific significance of homas and puja, it would be quite interesting to know the concepts. I therefore urge Hindupad to please release those effects on this webpage so the whole nation or those intrested can access to those Qs and ans


    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      We have requested them to send details.. We will publish it once we receive details…