Vaikunth Chaturdasi Upvaas 2019

Vaikunth Chaturdasi Upvaas is the auspicious fasting vow observed on a day before Vaikunth Chaturdasi. In 2019, Vaikunta Chaturdasi Upvaas date is November 10, Sunday.

Vaikunth Chaturdasi is an auspicious day falls on Shukla Paksha Ekadasi in Kartik month. Usually, Vaikunth Chaturdasi Ka Upvaas falls a day prior to actual festival.

This festival is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who performed Shiva Puja on this day. Vaikunth Chaturdasi vrat katha and the legend tell that Vishnu visited Varanasi to observe Shiva Puja on this day.

Devotees keep fasting during Vaikunth Chaturdasi ka upvaas day. After performing the puja, devotees break their fast and eat Prasad as well as the meal.

Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Temple, Srirangam Ranganathaswamy Temple, ISKCON temples, etc. are the best places to visit on Vaikunth Chaturdasi day.

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