Thaipusam 2011 in Singapore – Singapore Thai Pusam Festival

Thaipusam is the biggest Hindu festival (Tamil festival) held in Singapore. It is dedicated to Lord Subramanya (Lord Murugan) and celebrated as Thanksgiving Festival. Thaipusam 2011 in Singapore date is 20 January 2011. A huge procession is held in honor of Lord Murugan on Thai Pournami, popularly known as Thaipusam. Lakhs of devotees participate in the event chanting the name and singing the songs of Lord Dandayudhapani.

Devotees carry kavadis (cage like structures decorated with peacock feathers and pictures of Lord Murugan, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Parvati, and Lord Shiva) and walk along the streets of Singapore to reach Sri Thandayudhapani Temple where they begin the celebrations by offering milk to the Lord. Staunch devotees observe fast on Thaipusam and even for the whole Thai month in Tamil calendar.

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