Why we Hindus shave our head in Temples?

Shaving head in Hinduism

Why we Hindus shave our head in Temples? Devotees who visit the Tirupati temple donate their hair as offering at the shrine. Also, in India there is a tradition of shaving off one’s head when a dear one passes away. Why is this so, and what does shaving off one’s head have to do with […]

Radha Ashtami, 13 September 2013

Radharani and Lord Krishna wallpaper

Today, 13 September 2013 is Radha Ashtami festival. Radha Ashtami is the Appearance Day (Radharani Jayanti). During the festival of Radha Astami, devotees worship Radha along with Lord Sri Krishna. Devotees recite Radha Stuthi on this day. Radha Ashtami festival is observed mainly by Vaishnava sect and especially in North Indian states. Mayapur ISKCON Temple, and other ISKCON temples, Vrindavan Sri Krishna temple, and other Sri Krishna temples […]