Tulsi Vivah Vrat Katha: Legend | Story of Tulsi Saligram Vivah Puja

Tulsi vivah puja is observed either on Kartik Ekadasi or Ksheerabdi Dwadashi or on Kartik Purnima day. Tulsi Vivah Vrat katha or the story of Tulasi Vivaha vratham is associated with the legend of King Jalandhar and his wife Jalandhar. The story explains the great devotion of Vrinda towards her husband and Lord Vishnu. Vrinda […]

Significance of Tulasi Vivaha or Tulsi Saligram Vivaha

Importance or significance of Tulasi Vivaha or Tulsi Saligram Vivaha is mentioned in Puranas and many Holy Scriptures. Lord Brahma observed Tulasi Vivaha puja in Pancharatra Agama procedure (5-day puja Agama siddhantha procedure) as per Vasista’s ‘Hari Bhakti Vilasam’ scripture. The puja should be done at Homa gunda by Vedic pundits. Mantras are recited from […]