Chandanotsavam on Akshaya Trutiya 2019 in Simhachalam Temple

Chandanotsavam or Nijarupa Darsanam is an important ritual celebrated in Simhachalam Temple on Akshaya Trutiya day. In 2019, Chandanotsavam date is May 7. During the ritual of Chandanotsavam, Lord Sri Narasimhaswamy appears with his actual shape which is called Nijaroopam. On normal days Simhachalam Narasimha swamy appears with four layers of chandanam (sandalwood paste). The […]

Important Festivals in Vaisakha Masam – Auspicious Days of Vaisakha Month in April 2009

Vaisakha masam is considered as the supreme among the three most auspicious months. The other two months are Kartika and Magha. Vaisakha mas is the most favourite month for Lord Vishnu. Vaishakha month is also considered auspicious because in this month, four avataras of Lord Vishnu were incarnated – Parashuram Jayanti, Balarama Jayanti, Narasimha Jayanti […]