Khatu Shyamji Aarti | Five Daily Aartis

Five types of Aarti are performed daily at Khatu Shyam Ji Temple. Thousands of devotees visit the temple daily to offer special pujas to Shyam Baba. Mangala Aarti, Shringaar Aarti, Bhog Aarti, Sandhya Aarti and Sayana Aarti are the five types of Aarti performed daily at Shyamji Temple.. Mangala Aarti It is performed in the […]

Shyam Baba Aarti Lyrics

Shyam Baba Aarti lyrics or the text of Shri Shyam Baba is given here. Shyam Baba is a deity worshipped as Kuldevta in some Hindu communities of Rajasthan. The famous Shyam Baba Temple is located at Khatu, Rajasthan. Kachiguda Shyam Baba Mandir is another famous temple dedicated to Shri Shyam Baba in Hyderabad. The lyrics […]