6 June 2012: Venus Transit (Today), Shukra Grahan (Shukra Antaryanam)

Today, 6 June 2012 is Venus Transit (Shukra Grahan, Shukra Antaryanam, Shukra Adhikraman). The Planet Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth obscuring a small portion of the Sun. It somehow looks like Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse). Venus looks like a clear dot on the Sun during the transit. This Venus transit is visible […]

Watch Venus Transit June 2012 Live Online: Shukra Adhikraman Live Online

How to watch Venus Transit June 6, 2012 live online? Shukra Adhikraman (Shukra Antaryanam, Shukra Sankraman, Shukra Grahan) will be visible over almost all the countries in the world: India, USA, Canada, UK (Europe), Middle East, Gulf countries, Japan, and many other Asian countries. In Australia and New Zealand, the entire transit will be visible. […]

Venus Transit 2012 in India: Time of Venus Transit on June 6, 2012

Venus transit (Shukra Adhikraman / Shukra Sankraman) will be occurring on June 6, 2012. It takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and the Earth. This Venus transit obscures a small part of the Sun and makes it look like a Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan). Time of Venus Transit 5/6 June […]