Child Born on Purnima tithi – Effects, Impact (Full Moon)

What is the effects or impact if the child born on Purnima (Pournami)? What if you were born on Purnima day? How will be your future.. career, health, marriage, children, financial development, education, etc..? Importance of Purnima tithi in Hindu calendar Purnima is the fifteenth tithi in Shukla Paksha (bright half) in a Hindu month. Purnima marks the fifteenth […]

Significance of Pournami

Pournami means full moon day, and during that day, we can witness the full moon with full of powerful radiance, and most of the Pournamis are celebrated as festival days, since lot of festivals falls on that auspicious Pournami days. During Pournami day, we can also do auspicious acts, like opening of new business, performing […]

Purnima: 20, 21 August 2013

Today, 20, 21 August 2013 is Purnima, Shravan Purnima, Rakhi Purnima, Rakshabandhan, Kajri Purnima Vrat. It is the Full Moon day in Shravan Month as per Hindu calendar. In Tamil Nadu, it is celebrated as Avani Pournami (Avani Month Purnima), and in Malayalam calendar of Kerala, it is Chingam Velthuvavu (Chinga Month Purnima). According to […]

Purnima 2013, Pournami Vrata 2013 dates

Pournami or Purnima is the Full Moon day in Hindu calendar. It is also known with regional names like Punnami, Punnima, Veluthuvavu, Poonam, etc. Purnima day is known for its spiritual importance and significance. In 2013, there are 12 Purnima days. Many special pujas are performed in various temples on Poornima day and many important […]

Purnima 2012 dates, Poornima in 2012 or List of Full Moon day dates in 2012

Here is the Purnima 2012 dates or Purnima calendar 2012. Purnima or Pournami or Poornima, is the Full Moon day in Hindu calendar. Purnima day is known for its spiritual importance and significance. Click here to read on Purnima 2013 dates. In 2012, there are 13 Purnima, 2 full moon days in August. There is […]