Chaitra Amavasya 2022

Chaitra Amavasya is the No Moon day in Chaitra month as per Hindu calendar. In 2022, Chaitra Amavasya date is April 1 in North Indian Hindi calendar. As per Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Telugu Calendars Chaitra Amavasya 2022 date is April 30. 1 April 2022 Amavasya is Panguni Amavasai in Tamil calendar and Meena Masa […]

Amavasya, 10 April 2013 (Ugadi Amavasya)

Today, 10 April 2013 is Amavasya (Ugadi Amavasya / Gudi Padwa Amavasya). It is Chaitra Amavasya as per North Indian Hindi calendars. It coincides with Phalgun Amavasya in Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada calendars. Time of Amavasya on 10 April 2013 Amavasya begins at 2.42 PM on 9th April and ends at 3.04 PM on […]