Sammakka Saralamma Jathara 2024 | Medaram Sammakka Sarakka Jatara dates

Sammakka Saralamma Jathara, also known as Medaram Sammakka Sarakka Jatara, is the largest tribal fair in the world. It is held once in two years with lot of gusto for 4 days during Magha Purnima. In 2024, Medaram Sammakka Sarakka Jathara dates are – Jatara starts on February 24 and ends on February 27. It […]

3rd day of Medaram Jathara – 18 February 2022 | Sammakka Saralamma Darshanam

On 3rd day of Medaram Jathara, Sammakka Saralamma darshanam is available devotees. After performing Punya Snanams in ‘Jampanna Vaagu’, devotees visit the Goddesses. Devotees offer various offerings to Sammakka & Saralamma. In 2022, sammakka sarakka darshanam date is February 18. Women offer ‘Odi Biyyam’ (sacred rice) and ‘saare’ (combination of necessary items in daily items) […]

2nd day of Medaram Jatara – 17 February 2022 | Arrival of Sammakka

2nd day of Medaram Jatara is celebrated as the arrival of Sammakka on to the ‘Medaram Gaddhe’ (Platform). Sammakka is welcomed amidst the official homage from police and government. ‘Edurukolla Ghattam’ is one of the popular events during the arrival of Sarakka. On 17 February 2022, pujaris bring bamboo sticks and place them on the […]

1st day of Medaram Jathara – 16 February 2022 | Arrival of Saralamma

1st day of Medaram Jathara is celebrated as the arrival of Saralamma on to the ‘Medaram Gaddhe’ (Platform). Saralamma was the daughter of Sarakka. Saralamma is installed in a temple at Kannepalli, a small village near Medaram. On 16 February 2022, in the morning pujaris perform pujas secretly. The unmarried women and men, those who […]

Sammakka Sarakka Jathara 2022 Live Telecast on SVBC | Watch Medaram Jatara online

Sammakka Sarakka Jathara, the largest tribal festival in the world, may attract 10 million devotees and tourists in 2022. On the first day of Medaram Jatara, more than 20 lakh devotees visit Sammkka Saralakka fair. For this year, 2022, Sri Venkateshwara Bhakti Channel (SVBC), Bhakti Channel, OM Channel (CVR Spiritual Channel) will be telecasting the Jathara […]

4th day of Medaram Jathara – 19 February 2022 | Vana Pravesham of Sammakka, Sarakka

Last, the 4th day of Medaram Jathara is celebrated as Vana Pravesham of Sammakka and Sarakka. After getting worshipped by millions of devotees, devatas return back to forest. It marks the conclusion of 4-day Sammakka Saralamma Jathara. In 2022, Sammakka Sarakka Vanapravesham date is February 19. The same security and the official homage they have […]