Kanuma 2023 | Kanuma Festival during Sankranthi in Andhra Pradesh

Kanuma festival is the third day of four-day Sankranthi festival celebrated in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. In 2023, Kanuma date is January 16. Govardhana Puja or Go puja (worship of cows) is the major ritual during Kanuma. It is believed that Lord Sri Krishna was lifted the Govardhana parvatham (Mount Govardhan) to save the farmers […]

Pongal 2023 dates | Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal & Kannum Pongal

Pongal is a four-day festival celebrated with lot of gusto in Tamil Nadu. It is observed in the Tamil month, Thai Masam. In 2023, Pongal starts on January 14 with Bhogi Pongal. It is the biggest harvest festival celebrated as thanks giving occasion to the nature. Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal, Kannum Pongal are […]

Mattu Pongal – 15 January 2017 | Jallikattu Festival day

15 January 2017 is Mattu Pongal. Mattu Pongal is the third day of Pongal celebrations in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil, the word “Mattu” means bull and this day of Pongal is for celebration of the cattle, particularly bulls that play a vital role by working hard to help the farmers to raise crops on their […]

Mattu Pongal, Kanuma, 15 January 2014

Today, 15 January 2014 is Mattu Pongal, Kanuma. Mattu Pongal is the third day of Pongal celebrations in Tamil Nadu and Kanuma is the third festival of Makara Sankranthi in Andhra Pradesh. It commemorates the victory of Lord Krishna over Indra. Indra tried to destroy the Gokulam without knowing that Krishna is one of the […]