PDF Download – Kojagari Lakshmi Puja Procedure, Vidhi with Mantras

Download PDF of Kojagari Lakshmi Puja Vidhi, Procedure of Kojagari Lakshmi Vrata with Mantras, slokas is given here.. Kojagari Lakshmi Vrata is an auspicious occasion for Lakshmi Puja. It falls on Sharad Purnima (Ashwin Purnima). The PDF document of Kojagari Lakshmi Puja procedure consists the simple Kojagari Lakshmi Puja, step-wise Sharad Purnima Lakshmi Puja, Ashwin […]

Aadi Pooram, 9 August 2013

Today, 9 August 2013 is Aadi Pooram, Andal Jayanti. It is celebrated widely in Tamil Nadu and some parts of Kerala and Karnataka. The Pooram Nakshatram day in Aadi month is also celebrated as Andal Jayanti. Andal Ammal is believed as the incarnation of Goddess Shakti Devi. In 2013, it is even more auspicious as it falls […]