Gautama Maharshi

Gautama Maharishi was a Vedic sage in Hinduism, and also was mentioned in the sacred texts of Jainism and Buddhism. He had authored some portions of Rig Veda. He was the son of Rahugana. The sons of Gautama are Vamadeva and Nodha. His wife is Ahalya, and he cursed her to become a stone, since […]

Rishi Satananda | Son of Maharshi Gautama & Mata Ahalya

Rishi Satananda was the pious son of Rishi Gautama and Mata Ahalya. Satananda was a great scholar and learnt the Vedas, Upanishads and the ancient Puranas from his father Gautama, and become a family priest of King Janaka at Mithila. Mata Ahalya due to her bad fate was cursed by her husband Rishi Gautama, and […]