Basaveshwara, Basavanna (Bhakti Bhandari Basavanna): Founder of Lingayath sect

Basaveshwara, also known as Basavanna was a renowned saint of Karnataka born in a Brahmin family in 1134 A D at Bagewadi in Bijapur District of Karnataka. He is believed to be an incarnation of Nandi who was Lord Shiva’s vehicle. He spread social awareness through his poetry known as Vachanaas. Even though he was […]

History of Veerashaivism (Lingayatism)

Basaveshwara Founder of Lingayat sect

The history of Veerashaivism (Lingayatism – the Lingayat sect of Hindu Dharma) is explained here. It is to be highly noted that from pre-Vedic time to the last phase of 11th century,  Veerashaivism was successfully born out of Shaivism which directly because of little differentiation. It is to be remembered that during the early phase of […]