Haridwar Stampede: 16 die during Gayatri Mahakumbh at Chandidweep Ghat

16 people were killed in a stampede in Haridwar on November 8, 2011, during Gayatri Mahakumbh at Chandidweep Ghat along the banks of Ganga River. The stampede occurred at 10.25am when thousands of devotees, mostly from eastern UP and Bihar were climbing stairs to cross a mini bridge ahead of the venue for the religious […]

Sabarimala Accident – Over 110 Ayyappa devotees dead in Stampede

Yet another tragedy struck the Sabarimala Ayyappa temple on Friday, 14 January 2011 – over 110 (reportedly 114) dead in a stampede after Makarajyothi darshanam. Officials and related persons of the dead identified 65 bodies till now – 18 are from Andhra Pradesh, 18 are from Tamil Nadu, 3 from Kerala, and 12 from Karnataka. […]