Aadi Amavasai, 26 July 2014

Pitru Paksha Shraddh Mahalaya Paksha

26 July 2014 is Aadi Amavasai in Tamil Nadu. The main ritual of Aadi Amavasai is Pithru Tharpanam vidhi. Offering shraddha rituals to dead ancestors (forefathers) is considered highly meritorious. Aadi Amavasai begins at 1.56 AM on 26 July and ends on 27 July at 4.11 AM. It coincides with similar ritual in Kerala – Karkidaka […]

6 August 2013, Aadi Amavasai (Today)

Today, 6 August 2013 is Aadi Amavasai. It is the No Moon day in Aadi Month as per Tamil calendar. Pithru Tharpanam is performed on Aadi Amavasai in Tamil Nadu. Hindus believe that the offerings they make during this period of 15 days starting from this new moon day would reach their forefathers and appease […]