Shanivaar Vrat Katha, Story of Saturday Vrat

Lord Shani dev

Lord Shani dev

Shanivaar Vrat Katha is associated with the story of King Vikramaditya, a renowned king who ruled Bharata Varsha. Shanivaar Vrat is observed on Saturdays to appease Lord Shani in order to get rid of all Shani Doshams in horoscope.

Once the grahas had a discussion among themselves as to who is the most powerful. When they could not decide it , they went to Indra who cleverly escaped from the risk of naming one and sent them to Vikramaditya who was a renowned King.

Vikramaditya then accepted the task and made thrones of gold, silver, bronze, brass, iron and other materials and asked the grahas to grace the throne of their choice. It so happened that Saturn occupied the Iron throne. Then Vikramaditya said that he has nothing to say and said it was obvious with their choice of thrones.

The Saturn got angry as it was ranked lowest and said that any other planet will affect the person for a short period of time but only Saturn was capable of troubling the person for more than seven years and cursed him.

Lord Shani dev

Lord Shani dev

Thereafter Vikramaditya’s problems started. One day there was a person having a good collection of black horses in the town. Vikramaditya got interested in this and bought the best horse and wanted to try it out. When he went for a ride, it started running at lightening speed and reached the forest in no time.

The king had lost his way and went to a nearby city where a business man gave him a job . At his place he saw a precious necklace which was miraculously swallowed by a peg. The merchant thought Vikramaditya to be a thief and took him to court. There the King ordered that his hands and feet be chopped off.

Then Vikramaditya was made to suffer for many years and he was later taken by a oil seed crusher who treated him well. Then one day Vikramaditya was singing the Malhar raga on a rainy day and the princess happened to hear the song and got fascinated. She decided to marry him even after knowing his physical form. Then the marriage ultimately took place and Vikramaditya’s seven and half years of struggle had come to an end.

That night Vikramaditya saw Saturn who said that he had caused all the trouble and Vikramaditya begged that no one else should be inflicted with such trouble and Saturn agreed to this and restored Vikramaditya to his previous form. Then everyone was overjoyed when they came to know his original identity. Then the news spread everywhere and the business man who had dragged Vikramaditya to court felt guilty and offered his daughter in marriage to him.

Then Vikramaditya returned to his hometown along with his two queens and announced that Saturn is no lesser than any other planet and asked everyone to observe fast on Saturday to respect the planet.

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