Purnima, 9 October 2022 Timings

9 October 2022 is Purnima – Adhik Maas Purnima, Purushottam Maas Purnima (Poonam in Adhik Asoj Maas).

Time of Purnima – 9 October 2022

Purnima begins on 3.41 AM on 9 October and ends on 2.24 AM on 10 October.

It is to be noted that as per the traditional calendar of North India, the Adhik Maas Purnima happens on the last day in the Adhik month.  It is to be highly observed that Adhik Month in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh is much similar to the Calendar followed by the Marathi people.

In Purnimant and Amavasyant Hindu lunar calendars, it mostly happens once in 2.5 years and the unique feature is this particular month is treated as extra month.  This particular extra month is known as Purushottam Maas and dedicated to Lord Krishna. Locally people call it as Adhik Mahina Sud Padavo (Waxing phase of moon) and Vad Padavo (Waning phase of moon).

The Hindu devotees treat this purnima day as an auspicious day in Hinduism.  Many important religious festival and rituals takes place on the full moon day in different regions of the country.  Most of the people observe fasting on this particular day and dedicate their prayers to Devi and Mother Goddess. They take food only after the evening prayers and seeing the moon in the sky.

This Purnima falls in Purattasi Masam in Tamil calendar (Vaigasi Pournami), Kanni Month in Malayalam calendar and Aashin Month in Bengali Panjika and Ashoj Month in Nepali Calendar.

Adhik Ashwin Purnima marks the end of Pratham Ashwin Month in North Indian Hindu calendars. It marks the end of Adhika Ashwin Shukla Paksha in Amavasyant calendars followed in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Karnataka and Gujarat.

Panchang, Ashwin Purnima – 9 October 2022

Suryodayam (Sunrise) : 06:05 AM
Suryastama (Sunset) : 05:50 PM
Chandrodayam (Moonrise) : 05:41 PM
Chandrastama (Moonset) : No Moonset

Today’s Panchangam:

Tithi : Purnima upto 02:24 AM, Oct 10Pratipada
Nakshatra : Uttara Bhadrapada upto 04:21 PMRevati
Karana : Vishti upto 02:59 PMBava upto 02:24 AM, Oct 10Balava
Yoga : Dhruva upto 06:37 PMVyaghata
Weekday : Raviwara
Paksha : Shukla Paksha


Shaka Samvatsaram : 1944 Shubhakrutha
Chandramasa : Ashwina – Purnimanta; Ashwina – Amanta
Vikram Samvat : 2079 Rakshasa
Gujarati Samvat : 2078 Pramadi

Shubh Muhurat:

Abhijit Muhurat : 11:34 AM to 12:21 PM
Amrita Kalam : 11:42 AM to 01:15 PM

Time to avoid:

Rahu Kalam : 04:22 PM to 05:50 PM
Yamaganda : 11:57 AM to 01:26 PM
Gulikai Kalam : 02:54 PM to 04:22 PM
Dur Muhurtam : 04:16 PM to 05:03 PM
Varjyam : 04:11 AM, Oct 10 to 05:46 AM, Oct 10

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