Origin of Jamai Sashti

What is the origin of Jamai Sashti? Jamai Sashti is a Bengali festival which is dedicated to son-in-law. Son-in-law is welcomed to Mother-in-law’s house and presented with good food and new clothes.

Jamai Shasthi is an ancient custom practiced since ages by the Bengalis. According to a legend, Goddess Shasthi had once returned the lost sons and daughter of a greedy woman. The greedy woman used to eat away all the food and would blame it on the cat. The cat being the appurtenance of mother Shasthi complained who in return punished the woman. Being punished she later repented and performed rituals before the Goddess.

It is said that the goddess satisfied with her prayers returned all her children. Since then the Goddess Shasthi is worshiped by all women folk for the well being of their children and to protect them from all odds.

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