Merciful Eyes of Krishna

Krishna as Damodara

Krishna as Damodara

Lord Krishna contains beautiful eyes, and he is also known as Kamala Kannan, which means lotus eyed Krishna. Lord Krishna contains merciful eyes, and through his eyes, he looks after his devotees in an affectionate manner. His eyes contain the power to look after all of his devotees, in a merciful and in a compassionate manner. Though he contains the powers to destroy the entire universe through his eyes, but he would never do that, but would shower his blessings to his devotees in a selfless manner. The sympathy shown by him to his devotees could not be described in words, and it would be realised only by his true devotees, who has received his utmost blessings.

While offering prayers to the deities, it is the best way to perform Arati to the picture or idol of Krishna and especially Arati must be shown to the eyes of Lord Krishna. During the previous Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna had looked upon even his enemies like Kasa and Shisubala through his merciful eyes, and initially he had warned them also. But even after his repeated warnings, since they didn’t correct themselves, finally he killed them, and also granted salvation to them by watching them through his merciful eyes.

The great Hindi Saint and poet Sant Surdas though he was born as a blind person, but he has shown great interest in worshipping Lord Krishna, and due to his staunch devotion, Lord Krishna used to appear in front of him, and also made him to realise about his divine presence. Since Surdas has felt the presence of Lord Krishna physically as well as through his soul, he has even forgotten about his blindness, and throughout his life, Lord Krishna has guided him in a correct path, and also acted as a walking stick to him.

In his Bhagavat Gita Teachings, Lord Krishna tells, “Those who believe me strongly and dedicate their life by worshipping me, would never think about their handicaps present on their body, since I am acting as a proper guide in their every walk of life. My devotees may contain physical disabilities and even mental disabilities, but yet, I would follow them like their best friend, and would give suitable guidance to them whenever they need it. My eyes are watching all the people, irrespective of their nature, whether good or bad, and I am trying to change the nature of even the bad ones, in order to make them to taste the essence of the spiritual nectar in their lives. But still some people are avoiding me, due to their ignorance, and for them, my Bhagavat Gita Teachings would act as a proper spiritual guide and the divine Gita, would change their nature in course of time”.


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