Mallinath Ji | Rawal Mallinath

Mallinath Ji is one of the chief village deities in Rajasthan. He is said be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born on 1358 AD at Kolu village in Rajasthan. He was a small ruler in Rajasthan and defeated many Muslim kings during his period. He was the worshipper of Gomatha, the holy mother cow, and hence still now during his festivals and fairs, lot of cows would be traded. His temples are situated in Tilwara and Barmer. He was a brilliant ruler, and took care of his people properly. During his period, rain was showered properly and all the food crops were properly harvested.

During his period, he highly encouraged arts like dance, drama and music and rewarded the artisans and poets properly. He possessed super natural powers, and it is believed that even after his death, his soul dwells in his temples, and protects his devotees. It is believed that he would ride in his white horse and would roam in the villages of Rajasthan, in order to safeguard the people from thieves and evil spirits.

His devotees sung wonderful songs in praise of him, and some of the verses from the songs are as follows:

1. Oh! The great Mallinath, still we are able to see your beautiful face, and your brave ride in your horse.

2. Oh! You are the avatar of Vishnu Bhagavan, similar to protecting the child Prahalada from troubles, please protect us also.

3. Oh! The great Lord, you are like a terrible lion for your enemies, and you are the noble god for your devotees.

4. All the planets and even the divine devas are under your control. Please give a permanent place in your abode, since we are finding it very difficult to live in this difficult Kaliyuga.

5. You are very generous and you offered lot of wealth to those poor people who approached you.

6. Make us to always remember you and we don’t want to forget you even for a single moment in our life.

7. You have ruled your kingdom in a righteousness manner, and you have never committed even a single mistake in your life time.

8. Please forgive the sins committed by us and make us to do good karmic deeds.

9. We want our children to be born like you, in order to do noble activities in their life.


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