ISKCON Temple, Prague

ISKCON Temple in Prague, is one of the famous ISKCON Temples dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Prague ISKCON Temple’s address, location, Phone numbers, email ids, FAX and other contact numbers are given here…

ISKCON Temple, Prague Address / Location

Iskcon Temple
Prague, Jilova 290, Prague 5 – Zlicin 155 21,
Czech Republic,
Czech Republic –

Phone Numbers / Contact Numbers / Mobile Numbers:

Phone: +420 (2) 5795-0391

Jagannath Rathayatra, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Sri Rama Navami, Narasimha Jayanti (Narasimha Chaturdasi), Shravana Maasa, Annakut Mahotsava in Kartika Maasa, Diwali, Karthika Maasa, Margashirsha Maasa, Holi Purnima, etc. are observed in great fervor in ISKCON Temple, Prague.

Note: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), known colloquially as the Hare Krishna movement or Hare Krishnas, is a Gaudiya Vaishnava religious organization.

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    I am 69+, married, father of two grown up children, a retiree and live in Ostrava.
    As lately (for the past two months), my inner self urges me to devote my time & energy to learn, know and worship Lord Krishna, I found no other way but to approach you to help me acquire as much knowledge possible on the life & teachings of Lord Krishna.
    Thus I request your Holy Divine to kindly help me possess a copy of Bagavad Gita and Quotes of Srila Prabhupada in English.
    I feel happy and proud to tell you that I perform chanting HARE KRISHNA, HARE KRISHNA, KRISHNA KRISHNA, HARE HARE,
    HARE RAM, HARE RAM, RAM RAM, HARE HARE a number of times everyday, though I do not have Tulsi/Rudrachsha Mala.
    As Prague and/or Brno is a bit too far away for me to visit the temples frequently, I request you to kindly send me your blessings to enable me to be educated on the subject of Krishna Consciousness.
    However, as and when I succeed to reach Prague, I shall not forget to call on your Holy Divine to be blessed by you in person.
    I remain,
    Your sincere devotee,
    Shankar Mazumder.