Important dates of Vaishakh Maas mentioned in Purans

Here are some important thithis of Vaishakh maas mentioned in various Purans. It is taken from Skand Puran, Shrimad Bhagwat Puran , Bhavishya Puran , Padma Puran , Narad Puran.

3 May 2022 – Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya ( Brighter moon Tritiya) – Naradji said to Udhishthir :- Everyone must Donate ( Dan ), Recite ( Mantra Jap) , do Pitra Tarpan , Hom (Yagya) , Fast ( Vrat ) on this day according to a will or monetary condition of a person. That will become Akshaya (Which never dimnishes ). Whatever Punya karm we do on this day for Devatas, Pitras or Manushya it becomes Akshay. ( Shrimad Bhagvat Puran, Saptam Skand )

Those who takes an early bath during akshay tritiya and performs vishnu pooja receives salvation. Those donates on this day to please lord madhusudan receives akshay punya. ( Vaishakh Mahatmay – Skand Puran)

Vaishakh, magh and kartik maas tritiya is having more significance than other months tritiyas.On vaishakh maas tritiya give sandalwood mixed water and modak, this will please Brahman and Devtas. Donate Food , clothes , gold and water on this day it will give Akshay phal. Doing fast  on this day gives riddhi , vriddhi and shree . (Bhavishya Puran Ch-52)

Doing ganga snan on Vaishakh tritiya frees you from all the sins. (Bhavishya Puran, Madhyam Parv-II Ch. 7-8)

Yudhishthir asked to Shri Krishna which tithi ( date ) is very significant when doing a small punya gives akshay punya phala. Shri Krishna replied :- Today i am telling you never before revealed secret. Vaishakh maas tritiya is called as akshay tritiya doing very small amount of Donation ( Dan ), Recitation ( Mantra Jap) , do Pitra Tarpan , Hom (Yagya) , Fast ( Vrat ) on this day gives big punya phala. It is called as Yugadi tithi. ( Yugadi tithi varnan – Bhavishya Puran , Narad Puran , Skand Puran)

16 May 2022 – Vaishakh Poornima:- Shri Krishna said to Yudhishthir :- Vaishakh maas poornima is very sacred for Bath ( snan ) Donantion ( Daan ). Not only giving donation to brahman is very good but also giving to a sister , nephew ( bhanje ) , Father’s sister ( bua ) or incapable friend or poor people is also very sacred. Donation of Food , clothes , gold and Umbrella is ver good.(Bhavishya Puran, Uttar Parv , Ch. 100)

30 April 2022 | 30 May 2022 – Vaishakhi Amavasya – When sun is situated on Mesh ( Aries ) rashi everyday is considered auspicious but Vaishakhi amavasya gives salvation. It is very sacred to devtas and pitras and gives quick salvation. Who does shradh on vaishakhi amavasya gives ghata filled with water and gives pinda dan they receives akshay phal. This tithi is popular as paap nashini. ( Vaishakh maas mahatmaya – Skand Puran.)

12 May 2022 – Vaishakh shukla ekadashi:- On this day who does night vigilance ( Ratri Jagran ) while chanting lords wholy names and does sankirtan. Receives akshay punya. ( Vaishakh maas mahatmaya – Skand Puran.)

13 May 2022 – Vaishakh Maas Shukla Dwadshi:- Vaishakh maas shukla dwadshi is very auspicious .Who does pooja of Lord Vishnu with Tulsi Patram on this day gets vaikunth lok.On shukla dwadshi who donates food to a satpatra on this day receives koti punya. It is said to be Akshay tithi. ( Vaishakh maas mahatmaya – Skand Puran.)

14 May 2022 – Vaishakh Maas Trayodashi :- Who does Vishnu pooja with milk , curd , sugar , ghee and honey and baths lord Vishnu with panchamrit goes to Vaikunth Lok. ( Vaishakh maas mahatmaya – Skand Puran.)

15 May 2022 – Vishnu Padi :- When sun transits to Vrishbha rashi this auspicious event happens. Doing any punya karm on this day gives one lakh times benefit. ( Srishti Khand – Padma Puran )

14 May 2022 – Vaishakh Maas Trayodashi , 15 May 2022 – Chaturdashi  and 16 May 2022 – Poornima – These last three days of Vaishakh month are called very auspicious . Those who does geeta paath on these last three days of Vaishakh month he gets the benefit of doing ashwamedh yagya everyday. Those whose recites Vishnu Sahatranaam on these last three days gets huge benefits and during poornima day who while reciting Vishnu Sahatranaam does abhishek of Lord Madhusudan gets Vaikunth Lok. ( Vaishakh maas mahatmaya – Skand Puran.)

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