Importance of Jitiya Vrata, Fasting by Mothers for sons

What is the importance of Jitiya Vrata? Why do mothers observe Jitiya Fasting?

Jitiya Puja Paaran Time on 2 October 2018

Jitiya Vrata (Jivatputrika Vrata) is dedicated to Jimutavahana. The fasting of Jitiya is observed on Ashtami of Krishna Paksha in Ashwin Month as per North Indian calendars of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Nepali calendars.

There is the popular belief that the married women who worship Jimutavahana in Pradosha Kaal would be blessed with son. Married women or the mothers worship Jimutavahana with Dhupa (Agarbattis), Deepa (diya), rice, flowers and fruits, etc..

The performer of the vrata makes the idols of eagle and siyarin with sand or the cow dung. Red Sindoor is applied on the foreheads of the idols.

Mothers start the fasting worshipping Jimutavahana for the good health and long life of their sons and the welfare of the family. They worship Jimutavahana with utmost devotion for their sons. At the completion of the Vrata, the performers offer Dakshina to the Brahims.

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  1. Hariprasad says:

    jitiya vrat katha in hindi eagle siyarin katha