Amarnath Ice Shivling melting days before Yatra in 2013

Amarnath Shivlinga 2013 melting

Amarnath Shivlinga 2013 melting

Pilgrimage to Amarnath ice Shivling Temple is considered the holiest pilgrimage for any Hindu. And it is held just 45-50 days in a year during monsoon season in June – July and August. In 2013, Amarnath Yatra begins on June 28 and ends on August 21, Shravan Purnima.

But in 2013, before the beginning of Amarnath Yatra, the holy ice Shivling is melting very fast. As per the sources, 50% of the ice Shivling has melted even before 2 weeks of the Yatra. Till date, over 3 lakh devotees have got their reservations for Amarnath Yatra.

The devotees remained in doubt whether they can have the Darshan of Barfani Baba or not in 2013.. Pilgrims need to trek the treacherous mountainous ravines to reach the holy cave to have the holy darshan of Lord Amarnath.

The presence of a large number of pilgrims inside the cave is sure to further raise the temperature inside the premises thereby further damaging the stalagmite figure.

Amarnath Shivlinga 2013 melting

Amarnath Shivlinga 2013 melting

The premature melting of the ‘Shivlingam’ is rumoured to be the effect of either global warming or due to the heavy presence of pilgrims and security personnel inside the Amarnath cave.

According to the sources, in the beginning of June 2013, the holy Shivling was 16 feet in height and now (17 June 2013), the Shivling has melted and the height of the Lingam is decreased to 8 feet. The premature melting of Amarnath Shivalingam (Baba Barfani) was also happened in 2007, 2008 and 2011. But in 2012, Amarnath Shivalingam was in full form and the devotees had a great Darshan of Baba Barfani.

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