Hindu Baby Boy Names for Punarvasu Nakshatra with Meanings

Here is the list of Hindu Baby Boy Names for Punarvasu Nakshatra (Punarpoosam, Punartham Nakshatra). Punarvasu Nakshatra is the seventh Nakshatram in Hindu Astrology.

Letters used for naming Hindu Baby Names for Purnavasu Nakshatra are…

Punarvasu (Punarpoosam, Punartham) – Ke, Ko, Ha, Hi

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  1. Jyotheesh says:

    punarvasu nakshatra in tamil baby boy names 2013

  2. Ujas says:

    vishnu baby boy tamil names in punarposhu nakshtram

  3. Jhalak says:

    if boy name is hari and the nakshatra will be

  4. Shakuntala says:

    kpure tamil boy baby names for punar poosam natchatra

  5. Vani says:

    how will you write pragnay name in telugu

  6. RAJINIKANTH says:

    i want to choose boy name for punarvasu nakshathra born on may 1 st 2017 at 09:56 AM BABY.

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