Godavari Pushkaralu begins on 28 June, Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry?

Godavari Pushkaralu Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry

Godavari Pushkaralu Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry

As per the Drik Siddhantha Panchangam, Godavari Pushkaralu begins on 28 June 2015, claimed Pandit Sri Madhura Krishnamurthy Sastry, a renowned astrologer based in Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry garu informed us that as per the Varahamihira’s Panchangam, he calculated the period of Godavari Pushkaralu. According to his calculations, the religious celebrations will begin on June 28 (Adhika Ashada Shudda Ekadashi) and concludes on July 9. As calculated, Guru enters into Simha Rashi at 8.27 AM on Sunday, 28 June, its auspicious to perform Pushkara Snana from this day onwards till July 9.

Who is Pandit Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry

MADHURA KRISHNA MURTHY SASTRY is an Sanskrit scholar and Astrologer who received prestigious president award from then president of India A.P.J.Abdul kalam in the year 2005 for his great works in areas of Sanskrit literature and anscient sciences. Krishna Sastry was born at Mukkamala village near Tanuku (West Godavari District) in Andhra Pradesh.

The official pushkarams begins on?

In 2015, Godavari Pushkaralu begins on July 14 and ends on July 25.

Godavari Pushkaralu – Muhurthams

Godavari Pushkara prarambha Muhurtham – 6.26 AM, 14 July 2015, Tuesday (Krishna Paksha Trayodashi in Adhika Ashada Masam)

Godavari Pushkara Antya Muhurtham – 9 PM, 25 July 2015, Saturday.

Godavari Pushkarams were held previously in 2003.

Godavari Pushkarams – Maha Kumbha Mela

This year’s Pushkarams are called Maha Kumbhamela. Maha Kumbhamela occurs once in 144 years.

Aadhi & Antya Pushkarams

The first 12 days of Godavari pushkaram is called Aadhi pushkaram and the last 12 days of Godavari pushkaram is called Anthya pushkaram. These 24 days are very pious to devotees, as pushkaradu travels during these days.

During Godavari pushkaram pilgrims from all over the country will have a holy dip with the belief that they would be relieved from all sins, and perform rituals to departed souls.It is believed that during pushkaram all deities and rishies take holy dip, a holy dip in Godavari which will enhance one’s spritual, mental and physical abilities.

Pushkaram is a festival of rivers pertains to 12 important rivers in India which occurs once in 12 years for each river. The river for each year festival is based on the presence of Jupiter on which Zodiac sign by that time.

The pushkaram lasts for a period as long as the Jupiter remains in that particular Zodiac sign
It is believed that Pushkarudu, also known as pushkar God who is powerful to make any river holy will travel with Jupiter, as Jupiter travels from one Zodiac sign to another Zodiac sign.

Godavari originates at Trimbak, Nasik district of Maharastra and flows through southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and reaches the Bay of Bengal.

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