Gita Jayanti 2012, Bhagavad Gita Jayanthi 2012 date

Gita Jayanti or Bhagavad Geeta Jayanthi, the birthday of Bhagvad Gita, is celebrated on Margasirsha Shukla Paksha Ekadashi (November – December). Gita Jaanti 2012 date is December 23.

According to prominent Hindu scriptures, on this day, Lord Sri Krishna made the glorious teachings of Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna. Today, Bhagavad Gita is a world-famous scripture and also used as business and communications guide for modern world.

Bhagvad Gita was first told to Arjuna by Lord Krishna nearly six thousand years ago during Kurukshetra war. Gita Jaanthi is celebrated throughout India and the world with lot of gusto. In ISKCON temples, Geeta Jayanthi is celebrated with utmost devotion and enthusiasm. Special pujas and abhishekas are offered to the Lord on this day. Mass recital of Bhagvad Geeta is performed throughout the day.

Gita Jayanti is also celebrated as Mokshada Ekadashi. On this day, devotees observed fast and on Dwadashi day fast is broken by taking ritual bath and performing Krishna puja.

In some places, Kartik Amavasya (December 13, 2012) is observed as Gita Jayanti.

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  1. Revae Raj says:

    Creation of Universe is not a DREAM
    The science has proved that the solar system is accurately working not by itself but by some super power. To that power we may give the name of the “GOD”.

    I’m a common man…I have read Gita & Brahmvidhya according to which what I have understood I’m stating here in a short form.

    MIND- Our mind is the super power of our body. Remember mind is not made of any matter (5elements and three GUNAS {Satav, Rajas & Tamas} according to Shastras [holy books]). But there is a force of our mind which is so strong that without it our body (which is immovable) can not work. Just like a chip in the mobile phone…when mobile phone is not charged with battery, it doesn’t work. Similarly when mind is not charged with soul it doesn’t work. E.g. In the sleep only mind works which is not made of 5elements. When the body which is made of 5elements sleeps even then the working of heart and brain is active with the power of soul and the human being sees the dream which on awakening he/she will tell to their beloved ones once awake. That means our body is alive in the sleep with the current charge of soul. Soul and mind can not be seen as they are not of 5elements…we can only feel them just like we can not see the current charge.

    On the other hand a dead body has all the organs but no soul that is why the movement of the body stops as all 5Karam Indriyas & Gyan Indriyas ( Eyes, Nose, Tongue, Ears and kin) stop working because they have got the Devta Samarth (power) which goes back to the place of origin. These powers are given to the 5elements of body due to God’s order to the supreme Devta- “Maya”. After death the soul can not survive without body so as per the Karmas of the soul, the Devta give the soul another body.

    WORKING OF MIND- Mind is free, independent without the hindrance of anybody even God doesn’t know what mind will determine in the next moment in human beings…this is not applicable to any other living organism even though they might have the Indriyas. That is why only human beings are independent in doing their individual Karmas. Animals can not do their individual Karmas in the existing life as they can only live on the results of their Karmas from their previous lives. Human Soul is the only soul which has the power to perform independent Karmas in the existing life as per own wish. It is because of the determination (irrespective of the degree of determination) of soul and mind, all the vital organs of the body will work but all these organs can not work without the Samarth (power) of the Devtas. For e.g. one might have beautiful eyes but they can not see if they do not have the Samarth (power) of the Sun.


    Without smoke there is no fire…similarly without reason there is no activity or action. God created the universe to share his own joy and happiness with others. God has unlimited stock of joy & happiness which he shares with souls of human beings only.

    Without any purpose God will not put soul in human beings and let them perform Karmas to watch them suffer but without Karmas soul can not achieve Moksha.

    FOUR ANADI SIDH PADARTHAS (Self created objects)

    1) JeevAtma (Soul)
    2) Devtas
    3) God (Super Soul)
    4) Parpanch- 5 Elements & 3Gunas.

    All of the above four were present in their own places when there was no creation.

    Positives and negatives of the above four.

    1) Good Qualities of JeevAtma (Soul)– Before creation, all the JeevAtmas (Souls) were present in the TAM Swaroop (darkness part) of supreme Devta- MAYA (Maya is obedient disciple of God).
    2) Bad Qualities of JeevAtma (Soul)- All JeevAtmas (Souls) were present just like stationary objects in a part of Maya with Avidya (Ignorance) attached with them. Avidya was attached with all JeevAtmas (Souls) just like ink in water. In reality when this Avidya (Ignorance) will be detached from the soul all Jeevs (Human Beings) will be KEWAL SUDH (Pure) like GOD but not GOD. This Avidya (Ignorance) is detachable only from Human Beings and that is why GOD selected Jeev (Human Being) as it has the quality to accept Good & Bad because a Jeev (Human Being) can be a saint or a dacoit. As Jeev (Human Being) is an independent Padarth (Object), the Almighty did not take away his freedom instead he gave his own Moksha (Anand of God’s) to Jeev (Human Being). The purpose of creation is to detach only this avidya from the soul. GOD had to create due to Kripa Gunas (kindness & selflessness) of GOD and his addiction to his own Kripa Gunas (kindness & selflessness). As Soul and Super soul have one similarity…both of them are Nirgun (No Satva, Rajas or Tamas Gunas in them). Due to his common Guna GOD poured his selfless love to ALL souls. The only purpose of attaching three Gunas to Jeev is to do the Karmas without which he can not do good or bad deeds. When Jeev realizes the Gyan (knowledge) of GOD through Parmeshwar (Almighty) avatar he becomes able for detachment of Avidya by GOD.

    Just like addiction, GOD will never end the process to give Jeevs (Souls) his Anand which only can be given when Avidya of Jeevs will be detached. For which Lord Krishna orders to his Dasi (obedient disciple of GOD) MAYA to give Jeevs human body with 5Gyan Indryas and 5Karam Indryas. To bring them to this visible world so that Nirakar (GOD) becomes Sakar like human being.

    As Avidya only be removed with Gyan and Jeev has the quality to receive it all Jeevs came from TAM part of MAYA to earth batch wise similarly Parmeshwar (avatars) came from Nirakar to Sakar to penetrate the real (Bodh) aim of Gyan in the soul of human beings by penetrating through Avidya but due to Avidya none of the Jeevs accepted the Anand of GOD but accepted the Anand of Devtas which has a time limit. I would also like to mention that all mighty is only governing the created world otherwise all above 4Padarthas (objects) are independent.

    Out of the four Padarthas
    1) Jeev is ignorant (Chetan) with Avidya but can receive the Anand of GOD as its Avidya is detachable.
    2) Devtas- All Devi Devtas are attached with irremovable Avidya God can not remove their Avidya as they are all Chetan and also happy in their own Samarths (capabilities) but as I have already mentioned that GOD is governing Jeevs Devtas and Parpanch matter also.

    God selected only Jeevs for his Anand as matter is not Chetan it is Stone (immovable object) it can not even move without the Samarth (power) of Devtas. Now all Devtas have their Gunas. Their Gunas are Satavik, Rajas and Tamas.

    Body of Jeev Atmas (Souls) are created with the help of 5Elements and 3Gunas with the help of Devtas by the order of GOD because without 3Gunas human beings can do no Karma. It can be Rajas, Satavik or Tamas.

    When during anytime in life humans dominates their Rajas Gunasand Tamas Gunas, Satavik Gunas rule and GOD’s Gyan is accepted only by Satvik Gunas, though just for a moment but when god gives something to Jeevs he never takes it back as GOD is Swarthless (selfless).

    Remember all Jeevs are swarthy by birth I mean Swaroop (form) of Jeev is Swarthi (Selfish) and Swaroop of God is Niswarthi (Selflessness). By the Kripa (kindness) of GOD these Jeev Atmas want to attain the Amar Anand when they become able. Avidya is being detached by GOD through Gyan and Jeev attains the permanent Anand equivalent to GOD. But as Jeev (Soul) remains Jeev (Soul) can never become GOD (Super Soul) even after attaining Moksha. Even in the Moksha stage Jeev Atma knows that Jeev Atma is still enjoying the Anand of GOD.

    GOD created universe to put this Jeev in Karma so that from birth to birth he will do good and bad Karmas. Bad Karmas are always on the higher side as Swaroop (form) of Jeev is Dosh Darshiye (cynical and critic). This Jeev Atmas feel happy to detect the Doshas (disabilities) of other Jeev Atmas.

    It is very difficult for Jeev to praise anybody’s good deeds of life. Out of hundred Karmas Jeev praises only one and critics ninety nine. Though we may praise anyone on his face but actually we feel jealous of his rising in any form be it materialistic or spiritualistic.

    One thing more I would like to say that science gives name Atom to the smallest living organism which can not be divided further but day to day we are discovering neutrons protons electrons. What I mean to say man can never discover the smallest living organism as it is beyond the reach of scientists and even Devtas can not see the Suksham atom (Smallest living organism).

    Now out of the four Padarthas we can not see soul, Super Soul and Devta. We can only see matter that too only 80% with naked eye of one galaxy. There are countless Jeevs, Devtas, Nirakar’s Sakar avatars and Brahamands (galaxies).

    Lord Krishna has given us the Gyan to do Nishkam Karmas so that our debit and credit of all type Karmas should be nil to purify our soul without Avidya and that can only be possible with Kripa (kindness) of GOD for that we have to pray all the time and detach ourselves from this materialistic world (which is destructive). Definition of universe given by GOD is Dukhroop (full of sorrow), Paapmool (always doing bad deeds due to selfishness) and Anitya (which are destructive). All the souls will remain like fish without water. As soon as fish enters in water and is alive it becomes Anandit (happy in Moksha stage).

    Unless & until all the Jeev Atmas didn’t attain the true divine love (Moksha) and become equivalent to GOD universe will never end, there will be no Pralay (destruction) up till that time. “Our GOD is Dayalu and Kripalu and will give Anand to all Jeevs”…this is the promise of Lord Krishna to all Jeevs (Souls). But we have to bow our head to Lord Krishna or any Parmeshar avatar (from Nirakar to Sakar) as we can not bow our head to Nirakar as we can not see Nirakar GOD. As Nirkar can not speak or give us Gyan to us Admati (Avidya) Yukti Jeevas.This is the cause why Nirkaras take Sakars avatars even though GOD (Nirakar) is everywhere inside and outside our body. Just like sky has covered the whole universe but can not do anything similarly Nirkar GOD does not do anything and that is why avatars do everything with their Gyan and Vigyan Shakties (scientific power).
    We should always respect all Devi Devtas as they are the Shaktis (powers) of GOD. They give us our Karamphals (results of our Karmas) accordingly. They have their own individual strength too to give us limited happiness. For e.g. if we pray to Lakshmiji she gives us money. We pray to Saraswati and we will get Vidya (knowledge) but if we will pray to GOD he will definitely give us what we want as he is Puran (Complete in all regards).

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