Why we do Gauri Avahan during a Specific Time (Muhurat)

Gauri Avahan

Gauri Avahan

Why we do Gauri Avahan during a Specific Time (Muhurat)? Is there any special reason related to science / astrology / numerology / spiritual practice?

According to the Scriptures, the Time (Muhurat) of invocation of Gauri (Gauri Avahan) is pre-determined. Gauri Avahan should be performed during that time only.

The principle of a specific deity comes on to the Earth in higher proportion during a specific time mentioned in the Scriptures.

Gauri Avahan during the pre-determined time by the Scriptures makes the Principle frequencies of the Devi to bless the venue and the performers in a higher note for a longer period.

Similar to this, Gauri Visarjan time is also pre-determined but Avahan is the major event for Gauri Pujan hence the higher importance is given for invocation rather than immersion.

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  1. Sheil says:

    gouri avahan today from what time upto what time